Defective or dangerous products of all kinds: food, toys, furniture, vehicle components, and electronics and medical devices - to list just a few examples - can result in serious and sometimes permanent injuries.  These can arise from faulty manufacture or construction of a product, dangerous composition or component parts or materials, inadequate or harmful packaging, and even from faulty labeling or inadequate cautions and product use instructions.

A manufacturer or seller of a defective or improperly presented dangerous product can be held responsible for injuries arising from its use.  Every product liability case is different and requires legal skill and experience to ensure maximum compensation.

At Hoffman Law, we undertake an extensive investigation in every product liability case we handle, hire the right experts to identify any defects in the products, provide technical advice relating to the appropriate standard of care, and help identify responsible parties in what can otherwise be an obscure web of companies trying to avoid responsibility.  It is our job to sort through the complexity and help you achieve the best possible compensation.

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