Injury in a car accident can have profound effects on a victim’s well-being and be permanently life changing for them and their family members.  It goes without saying that death in a car accident can be a severe and shocking event for the victim’s family, with many difficult and lasting repercussions.


Accidents can result in physical injuries, emotional and/or psychological trauma for the victim and their loved ones, and considerable financial strain. You and your family may have a right to compensation directly, or via the other driver’s insurance, from anyone whose negligent or reckless operation of a motor vehicle, or other negligence or recklessness, caused injury, death or other loss.

Jennifer Hoffman has successfully represented hundreds of people whose lives have been affected by motor vehicle accidents, including in these situations:

·  Motor vehicle collisions

·  Pedestrian injury or death

·  Bicycle accidents

·  Motorcycle accidents

·  Trucking accidents

·  Hit and run incidents

·  Drunk and impaired driving

·  Injuries involving public transportation

Hoffman Law has the experience and expertise necessary to lead you and your family through the complexities of a personal injury claim with care and understanding, and ensure you receive maximum compensation for your ordeal.