Soft-tissue damage occurs with nearly every accident, and often resolves within a few weeks or months. However, a small percentage of soft-tissue injuries develop into persistent, severe pain that can last for years after an accident. Chronic pain can be challenging to tackle in a lawsuit, because there are fewer objective measures to diagnose it. Nonetheless, people suffering from chronic pain often face challenges and limitations in every aspect of their lives as a direct consequence of that pain, which may never have arisen but for an original injury sustained in a legally actionable accident. 

Hoffman Law understands the daily struggles and frustrations of people suffering from chronic pain. It can involve debilitating physical suffering as well as psychological and cognitive consequences. It can arise from even seemingly minor trauma, but leave a devastating, permanent, effect on people’s lives.

At Hoffman Law we ensure that insurance companies do not dismiss your chronic pain. We pursue maximum recovery for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and income loss for our clients, also ensuring they receive appropriate medical and rehabilitation treatment to improve as much as possible and manage any ongoing pain and restrictions.