Brain injury is often called the “invisible injury”, since its victim can often appear normal on the outside. But the impact of a brain or head injury can be devastating to the injured person. Head injuries, including concussions, can result from impact that causes the brain to shake within the skull during a motor vehicle accident, fall, or any other type of trauma. Direct head contact is not always necessary to produce a concussion, especially in high-impact road collisions.

Concussions can result in major emotional, behavioural and cognitive changes, and also have more subtle but still consequential long-term effects. Jennifer Hoffman holds a Master of Science degree in Neuroscience, allowing her a specialized understanding of the physiological and neurological impact of brain injuries on an individual.

Early diagnosis and medical and rehabilitation treatment are critical to maximize recovery from these injuries. Hoffman Law works with a team of medical professionals to help ensure victims receive immediate, appropriate medical intervention. We also retain the best experts on each claim in order to educate insurance companies about this “invisible injury” and its impact on our clients’ lives.